Apr 25

Why I Brought PEMF to My Practice

Throughout the years, I have continually added more and more services to my holistic wellness practice. Two years ago, we did a major expansion and brought in several additional practitioners to create a comprehensive holistic therapies center. As the opportunity to obtain more space in my building appeared on the horizon, I felt it was time to add something new. I reached out to a group of practitioners via Facebook and inquired about what types of therapies passive therapies they are using in their practices with great results. Two colleagues reached out to me about Pulse Centers PEMF. My research began.

My colleagues (separately) endorsed Pulse Centers PEMF for the quality of their device, but especially for the training and support they offer. I watched hours of testimonial videos on YouTube and I told my husband “I can’t think of anything that this can’t help with!” Client after client popped into my head and I thought “Oh! This could really help them!” We ordered the device and accessories and scheduled advanced training so that our clients could get the most out of their PEMF sessions.

We had the Pulse XL-Pro in the office for 3 weeks before we started client sessions. We wanted time to play with it, but more so, we wanted to go through the advanced training first. Before we placed the order for the device, I started telling clients about it. I put it in my newsletter, created an introductory offer and started promoting it on Facebook so that by the time we officially launched, we had 80 appointments on the schedule. Almost a month to the day after placing the order for our first device, we ordered a second device – only a week after starting to use it on clients. It was THAT popular!

I now refer to the XL-Pro as the “Miracle Box”! The results we have seen with clients are nothing short of AMAZING! Everything from a client with peripheral neuropathy feeling her feet for the first time in two years – halfway through her FIRST session! To TMJ pain disappearing. To not having to wake up several times a night to use the bathroom. And the list goes on and on!

Based on the progress we are seeing with clients and the popularity of the therapy, I foresee more and more of the devices in the future of my practice! As I like to say “You have no idea how incredible you can feel – until you try PEMF!”

~Patti Bartsch, PhD is the owner of Naturally Unbridled Wellness LLC, a holistic therapies center in Wisconsin, and Wellness Practice GPS, business coaching for wellness professionals.

By Patti Bartsch, MA, PhD, ND