Welcome to your online resource for PEMF: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. PEMF is as integral to a healthy lifestyle as raw nutrition, hydration, and exercise. While this is still an emerging technology in the world of wellness, an extensive amount of research exists. This curated collection of research is designed to educate, excite, and help you understand the opportunities in the use of PEMF. Whether you are a professional practitioner, own an integrated wellness practice, or are simply interested in PEMF for personal use, this site will provide the information you are looking for.

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Browse below for research studies, general articles, and PEMF blog articles written by PEMF practitioners from around the world.

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Published by the National Institute of Public Health, this collection demonstrates the breadth of studies being conducted on PEMF.

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Get a practical day to day understanding of PEMF from practitioners and trainers from around the world. Also contribute to the selection of blogs available by submitting your own blog for publication.

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